Friday, 25 December 2015

Coven Wednesday 23 December 2015

Well after mooring up yesterday in the poring rain with wet cloths, this morning we wake to bright sun shine, Its actually a bit colder at 6°C as opposed to 14° but with very little wind it felt much better and I didn’t put a coat on until after lunch time.

We only saw three boats today, the one moored behind us left at 9 am and then two others came the other way before we left at 10 am. This resulted in some locks being with us and some against us. The approach to Penkridge has an interesting bridge, very similar to Gailey.

We filled with water and deposited rubbish at Penkridge, on leaving we passed the boat we had been following so from here all locks would be with us.

We were to pass two more lots of CRT winter Mooring sites and not a single boat on them, I don’t know why they don’t put them in the same pound as water taps and sani stations.

Above Gailey Lock the canal is full of JD boats, there is still room for a single boat to get through so not a problem. By now it was clouding up a bit and turning cooler so a coat was called for, well it is almost the end of December.

Shortly after Gailey is the SI Group Chemical works at Four Ashes where the company have erected lots of “No Mooring” signs, as well as these large ones there are small ones attached to the fence. I wouldn’t want to stop here but I do wonder their legality as there is not a single CRT No Mooring sign anywhere.

Not far after this there is a Milepost on the towpath, these are normally to the back of the tow path so as not to get in the way of the tow line to the horse, but this one has been moved to a prominent position set in concrete at a spill weir.

We did another mile through Laches Bridge No.73 where we moored for the night. We had just gone inside after tying up and guess what, it started to rain, so we ended up having a dry sunny days travel today.

Today’s Journey
7¾ Miles, 8 locks in 4 hours.

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