Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tuesday 28 June 2016 Alrewas

It was quite a short pound we were moored in last night and we were the first boat passed the lock moorings so we were buffeted around this morning when boats started moving up and down the flight. The first job was to cross the canal to the CRT facilities on the other side and dump the rubbish before setting off down the flight.
It was 9-50 am. when we set off and the Volockie was already hard at work at keepers Lock. He told us that the Volockie at Shadehouse Lock had found a lad there helping boats through and demanding money for it. Just passed Keepers lock we met a boat and he called out “Are you the Harnser from Floods Ferry?” so we obviously made an impression on the Middle Level.

As we passed the moorings down below Common Lock I spotted these Apes hanging aroundDSCF4736As we approached Alrewas  Lock we found it being worked for us, It was another ex moorer from Floods Ferry, Ray with his Staffy, Bones. The other boat who had recognised us rang Ray and told him we were coming so he had the lock ready for us.

The River Trent level was well into the green so no problem there, we headed down stream to Wychnor Lock which was against us, so after turning the lock and locking down Diana waited by the lock for my return, I was only going a few hundred meters to wind before returning, but just after leaving the lock I met the boat that had locked down before us coming back, so Diana helped them up the lock before turning it again for my return.

At the lock was a notice warning of dredging being carried out on the canal, I am not sure where they are dredging but they are removing the spoil just prior to the winding hole and a tug hadDSCF4740 just arrived with a full hopper and was unhitching it ready to take the empty away. They waited while I passed and winded which I must admit was not the neatest turn that I have ever done.

I returned to the lock just as Diana opened the bottom gate and we were soon up on the river again our destination Alrewas. Finding a spot on the 48hr moorings we pulled in on the last bit of straight bank just before the forecast rain started.

After lunch we wandered into the village, first stop buy the home made pickles and Lemon curd from the house gateway, then onto the butcher for pies and sausages followed by the Co-op for other odds and ends, by now the rain was just a light drizzle. Since we have been here boats have been mooring around the bends so the village must be quite full.
For the pub lovers the George and Dragon is closed and they are looking for new tenants if anyone fancies it.

Today’s Journey  map 2 4¾ miles, 8 Locks, 1 river (twice) in 3hr 20min

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