Thursday, 30 June 2016

Thursday 30 June 2016 Somewhere

Yesterday we obviously set off 4½ hours too early as we had not been moored up long and the weather bucked up to a nice afternoon and evening.

This morning boats were passing quite early, I expect they had been holed up yesterday in the rain and were making the best of the fine weather. We set off about 10 am and passing the Tame Otter pub were surprised to see every mooring empty, again I can only guess they were hold up there all day yesterday and moved on this morning.

We stopped at Sutton Road Bridge at Fazeley to visit Sainsbury’s, not something we have done before, but its very convenient and only a 10 minute walk, there is also B&Q Maplin’s, Tool Station and lots of other outlets in the area.sainsbury's

After lunch we continued on to Fazeley Junction where we turned sharp right up the Birmingham and Fazeley canal. I stopped just through the junction to take a photograph and got my toe bitten by a Swan with 5 Cygnets, no sign of dad.DSCF4761 We continued up the B&F with Diana steering to the winding hole just before the locks, I think its the first time that Diana has winded the boat before coming back towards Fazeley to moor for the night near the Gravel Pit Bridge.

Today’s Journey  map 4

8¾ miles, 1 junction, 2 canals in 4 hours

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