Thursday, 11 August 2016

Black Jack’s Thursday 11 August 2016

This is a photo of the hidden waterpoint a Cassio, depending on how close the car is effects how easy it is to see.DSCF5196 I also referred to this as Lady Capel’s bridge when it is actually The Grove Bridge.DSCF5190


Slight rain when we set off this morning at half nine and at the second lock we caught up with another boat which made things easier. They stopped for water at Batchworth lock and Diana decided to dump the rubbish, only the rubbish disposal has moved and is quite a walk.rubbish

There was no one moored at Tesco and as you can get the trolley right to the boat its a handy place to top up with the heavier items like Beer, Wine and milk. We even stayed there and had lunch before moving on to catch up with another boat at the next lock, this time we shared as far as Copper mill Lock where they stopped for water. The cross flow at Copper Mills was not to bad at all but I think I would still avoid mooring outside the Coy Carp pub.DSCF5215 We carried on alone down through Black Jack’s lock where there was a boat about to leave which made life easy for us, the house just below the lock has a Crocodile on its front lawn, along with a bunny and an arm.DSCF5217 We are now moored just below the lock almost opposite a wide beam boat that has a parrot in the cratch who keeps doing wolf whistles and bicycle bell impersonations as well as other odd whistles.

Today’s Journey  map 205¾ Miles, 8 Locks in 4¾ hours.

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