Sunday, 7 August 2016

Dudswell Sunday 7 August 2016

Claire arrived at about 10am this morning with Brian our other Grandson and took George away home. This one is bigger and stronger so can work locks.

We slipped our moorings at 10 30 am and the pound had dropped about 10” overnight, we had hoped to fill with water but there were two boats already at the water point so we carried on to the Marsworth flight. The Chilton Branch of IWA where holding a lock ransom to raise money for the Wendover Arm restoration. A boat had just left the lock and they offered to wait at the next one for us, when we caught them up we had a good idea why the pound was down this morning. Yesterday evening a single handed wide beam came up, he was now ahead of us not only leaving the top gates open but also the paddles up. We continued up the flight meeting a few boats on the way, all the levels were good including the Tring summit. We both stopped for water just above the top of the flight, as we left the water point I caught my second fisherman of the week, he thought it would be OK just to dip the end of his rod in the water, wrong, he was soon paying out line before his tackle came free. We only went another 500mt before stopping for lunch.

I often hear of people having generators pinched ether off their boats or right beside them so as you can imagine I was quiteDSCF5146 surprised to see this site, it looks as if a boater has just moved off for some reason and left all their worldly goods laying there.

After lunch Brian drove and took us right through a fishing match, they were a friendly bunch which is unusual for match fishing.DSCN1164

We dropped through Cowroast lock alone but were lucking in a boat coming up as we left, at Dudswell top we had to wait for a community wide beam boat to come up before we dropped down and moored in the pound for the night.

Today’s Journey  map 16 5 miles, 9 locks in 4 hours


Adam said...

You'll probably find yourself on the bottom again in the morning if you're between the Dudswell locks. That's another pound that loses water overnight, and CRT are usually there in the morning running water down from the summit.

Glad to see you're training Brian well, and he's standing in the hatch to steer. Almost everyone these days seems to think the back counter is the correct place, and it drives me mad!

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

To true Adam, George was doing the same last week. I made the step for them and it is the only place it fits so no discussion on the matter