Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Dane Aqueduct Wednesday 29 November 2017

Well no frost for us last night, but a boat that came passed as I was fitting the tiller said he ropes were frozen stiff and he was less than a mile behind us. It must have been the lea of the hedge that kept us warm.

We set off at ten to ten in bright sunshine but it didn't last long and we soon had full cloud cover which made it feel cooler.

At Congleton Aqueduct they were injecting Polyurethane Foam into the side of the tow path to try and stop the water leaking out of the canal down onto the road. They had a pollution sausage in the canal to contain any spillage that we just manager to squeeze past.DSCF9773

A rather unusual Narrowboat was moored just north of the town, it looks as if the cabin been clad in brass sheeting. We have seen this boat before moored just at the bottom of the Bosley Locks on the offside.DSCF9774

They had some quite substantial stone fence posts along the canal, I understand that they use to thread the old worn out pit winding ropes through them to make a barrier.DSCF9778

We had two Kingfishers join us today but which was a bit unusual was they both flew past from behind and then just sat until we passed before moving forward again.DSCF9779

The second one stopped on an overhanging branch and went into a dive just as we got level with him. I was all set to snap as he resurfaced but he cheated me by aborting his dive just before hitting the water and flying away. Here he is about to take off to started his dive.DSCF9786

In one of the fields we passed a flock of sheep, but some of them were a nice shade of red, something I have not seen before.DSCF9788

We went up through lock 12 of the Bosley Flight where there is room to wind and then dropped down again to moor at the DSCF9794visitor moorings for the night before heading back to Kidsgrove.

This canal has been awarded the Keep Britain Tidy Green Flag so there is a little symbol on all the mooring signs.DSCF9792

Today's Journeymap 05 7¾ miles, 2 locks in just over 3 hours.

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