Sunday, 26 November 2017

Wheelock Sunday 26 November 2017

It rained on and off all night, well I heard it whenever I woke up and this morning the rain gauge had recorded 7mm.

We set off at 9-30 the same time as the boat just ahead was untying, but he went backward to the winding hole while we headed towards Big Lock. We needed water so stopped below the lock to fill up. Nb. Gailey was moored up across from the water point.DSCF9732

Someone, somehow has managed to bend the paddle operating rod on Big Lock bottom gate, this is a piece of solid square bar about 20mm by 20mm so how they managed it I don't know.DSCF9733

A short stop above the lock for Diana to visit Tesco for spuds and it was off up the Middlewich 3. Looking back Andersen had their fleet home for the winter and they already have two out on hard standing.DSCF9735

All three locks were against us and the weather couldn't make its mind up, rain, sun coming and going as we made our way up the flight.

At Kings Lock things got better, a boat had just come down and turned into Wardle Lock so apart from leakage the lock was with us as was Rumps. Every time we have been through Rumps lock recently there has been loads of dog poo in the offside right where you need to walk. Someone must be taking there dog over that side specifically.

A little further on and a Kingfisher flashed by, only to sit on the concrete edge just ahead of us.DSCF9740

The house at Sandbach has improved their decking a bit moreDSCF9743

since last we passed this way, I wonder if any of the other house owners will do anything with the bit of rough land in front of their houses. I don't know if these are official CRT notices on the towpath, this section is now a nice hard surface, just right for high speed cyclists.DSCF9744

You can see form this photograph what sort of weather we have been enjoying today, but since we moored up at Wheelock it has been dry, more than can be said about under foot.DSCF9747

Today's Journeymap 2 7 miles 9 locks in 4 hours.

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