Monday, 27 November 2017

Rode Heath Monday 27 November 2017

For those that follow our travels can probably guess where we had diner last night, the Italian Restaurant Barchetta, It just started to drizzle as we walked back to the boat and then it really started raining again, it was even raining as we were about to get up which didn't bode well.

By the time we had breakfast the rain had stopped and we finally set off at ten to ten, I am pleased to say it didn't rain again until about five minutes after we moored up.

If it had been raining we were going to stop at Hassall Green but as it was still fine, just, we carried on to Rode Heath for the night.

We only saw one other boat on the move and that was one we caught up with at Thurlwood Bottom Lock so we hat to wait for them at Thurlwood Top Lock as its only a single lock.

All the locks today have been against us, so each has to be emptied before we could use it, its a bit more work but on a flight doesn't slow us down as while I work the boat up one lock and close the gates, Diana is getting the next one ready for when I arrive. Its a bit slower on the first of the flight as I have to wait while the lock empties before going in, luckily the Cheshire locks are grouped together in bunches which helps a lot. At Hassall Green they are still working on the M6 motorway and have cast these block onto the support columns under the outside lane of the carriage way.DSCF9754

Since we have been moored up another boat has gone by, so that is two on the move today. Like lots of people he is using gocart tyres as fenders, but he has inflated a small football inside them to stop them flattening.

Today's Journey map 03 3.9 miles, 14 locks in 3½ hours

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