Thursday, 31 October 2019

Birmingham Thursday 31 October 2019

Day : Thursday
Date : 31 October 2019
Start : 1000 hrs
Finish : 1330 hrs Cambrian Basin, Birmingham

Last nights moorings were fine, there was no one passing the boat overnight at all, the only downside was the noise from the fans from the unit beside lock 9, but as that was a constant noise it didn't disturb us overnight.

We set off at 10am this morning, just as someone was starting to turn lock 9 behind us but we were going up in lock 10 before they cleared it, had they have been in Lock 9 I would have waited for them to pass. They didn't lose anything by it as we drew the bottom paddle on every lock of the flight, so they were all empty for them. I must say the sky line of Birmingham is constantly evolving.DSCF2987

When I posted yesterday about lock 10 being unique on the flight with a cantilevered foot bridge I was wrong, there is another DSCF2993 further up. Likewise one of the Farmers Bridge flight of locks has the bottom gate hung on the off side, I think its again lock 10.

We made our way up the Farmers Bridge flight with all the locks against us. I was surprised that this photograph welcoming us to Birmingham came out as well as it did.DSCF2995

I have taken several shots of the student accommodation to try and capture the art work on it, I think this is probably the best one. DSCF2996

By now a crew member from the boat following was in sight, I wasn't even sure they were coming this way so we started back setting. about half way up we met a Volockie, we told him there was a boat following so when we left the lock he closed up and drew the bottom paddle, unfortunately he didn't do that on any of the other locks and as Diana was setting ahead there wasn't much we could do about it. He did go back and help them up once we reached the top.
CRT have another large bill ahead of them at Saturday Bridge where the bottom of the wall retaining the Parade has given way allowing the pavement to drop and half the road to be closed.DSCF2997

We filled with water at the top of the flight before heading to the Oozells Loop to moor for the night, however as we crossed Deep Cutting Junction we could see all the moorings were taken, so we reversed back across the junction (just as the water bus was coming) and back down the B&F into Cambrian Basin for the night.
Once moored up we walked down to Fleet Street, only a few minutes away to visit The Coffin Works museum for an hour. The do conducted tours on the hour and use to make coffin furniture and shrouds but not coffins.

Today's Journeymap 065 Miles 21 Locks in 3¼ hours.


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