Saturday, 26 October 2019

Saturday 26 October 2019 Polesworth

Day : Saturday
Date : 26 October 2019
Start : 1500
Finish : 1715 Polesworth

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Not a bad run to the boat, The A14 was solid by the M11 junction but Tomtom took us via Papworth to avoid the hold-ups. We set off in nice weather but as we travelled North west it got cooler and wetter.

At the marina the water was very high, the chap next door said he had loosened the ropes on some boats. Needless to say we parked in someone else's spot to unload but he just had to wait. Once the boat was loaded with clothes and food we decided to go for a cruise to warm things up even though it was still raining.

Leaving the marina we headed south knowing that there was a winding hole just before the Atherstone lock flight about an hour and a half away.

Just south of Polesworth there is a spill weir on the towpath side, this is paved to form a walkway for the horses and is normally dry, today it was under a couple of inches of water.DSCF2946

We carried on south and just before the winding hole the off side field was well flooded wit the railway in the distance. This field isDSCF2949 a bit higher than the canal and the water is running off into the canal at the point of the winding hole quite fast. First attempt I under estimated the flow and it caught my bow and just swung me straight back out so I went round tighter, 90° was no problem but the last bit took some effort, not helped by the boat moored alongside the no mooring sign so I couldn't run back too far. Once round we headed back to Polesworth for the night, this turned out to be the best part of the day, a bit cooler but with a clear bright sky, no rain and no wind.

Today's Journeymap 017 Miles 0 Locks in 2¼ hours

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