Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Dane Aqueduct Wednesday 2 October 2019

Day : Wednesday
Date : 2 October 2019
Start : 0950 hrs
Finish : 1520 Dane Aqueduct

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It was a tad cool last night, down to 1.6° C and then today its been up to 15.5° C and sunny, we have also been over 24 hours without rain, any one for an Indian Summer.

We set off a little before 10 o'clock with Bollington Wharf being our first stop for a pump out, good value at £15 I thought. then we were off again in the cool but bright day. I even managed to look at the scenery today, it was switched off when we came up.DSCF2834

We passed a collection of CRT volunteers taking a coffee break on a work boat, it looks as if they are resurfacing the towpath.DSCF2828

It wasn't long before we saw another volunteer, I don't know if he was a meet and greet or a chugger, he was here on Saturday in the pouring rain poor chap.DSCF2831

The retirement homes in Macclesfield opposite the pontoon visitor moorings are looking quite splendid now with their nicely laid outDSCF2829 gardens, I wonder what they would say is we moored at the bottom of the garden on the rings?

Passing a field of sheep I was on the lookout for a crow or magpie on a sheep's back, I had seen one on the way up but the weather was to bad for a photo, I didn't see one today but I did see a crow on a gatepost eating lunch.DSCF2835

We came passed an empty, long term mooring just above the Bosley Locks and they have quite an array of possessions lining the towpath on both sides, but they don't impede people walking by.DSCF2838
The top lock at Bosley was just about full, Diana had to draw the top paddle to top it up, just as I was about to walk to the bows to on the offside gate a Volockie appeared from the hut at the top of the locks and did it for me, as he also drew the offside bottom Diana was able to walk ahead to the next lock where a boat was just leaving coming up. The Volockie stayed at the top and we carried on alone.

At one time all the locks in this flight had side ponds to save water, one of them has been restored with a grant, its rather disappointing after spending that money it is not operational, especially considering there is a big interpretation board to say how they increased the efficiency of water usage. DSCF2841The Macclesfield and Peak Forest canals are likely to be short of water for a few years due to the failure of Toodbrook Reservoir.
Also part way down the flight in one of the fields there was a collection (is that the right term) of Bell Tents, I wonder if there is going to be a scout or guide camp this weekendDSCF2840

We met several boats including a cruiser, he had only had the boat a day and managed to get the leg of his outboard over the wooden beam in front of the bywash weir so couldn't go anywhere. While Diana locked Harnser down I helped him sort it out, a baptism of fire.
I dont know where the sewage works discharge is along here but the locks get a lot of foam building up in them as they fill. WeDSCF2842 were able to get to lock 11 before we had to turn one, all the rest had been full of somewhere near full. Beside lock 11 is what is known as an orchard, I am not sure what trees are there but we managed to pick a good bag of Damsons. After exiting the bottom lock we pulled onto the 2 day moorings to spend the night, after last night we also lit the stove.

Today's Journeymap 10 9¾Miles 12 Locks in 5½ hours


Davidss said...

You write "The Macclesfield and Peak Forest canals are likely to be short of water for a few years due to the failure of Toodbrook Reservoir.".
I ask, Where did that come from? CRT or a 'considered opinion'? Your comment is a serious disincentive to prospective tourists, and thereby damage prospective tourism income in the area.

Clearly the Toddbrook reservoir situation is serious. In the light of that I think you should give the CRT information page address,, or for short.
Counter to your comments is the statement (6th August) "There has been some concern about water levels. Combs Reservoir is nearby and will provide water resource to support navigation. We'll provide an update should there be any restrictions in future.".
A more detailed update was posted 16th August in a Water Resource Position Statement

I suggest it's too early to cast doubt on the viability of the canals to sustain use.

Regards, David.

************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

David, everything I write in my Blog in my opinion. Nothing more and nothing less. People are always free to correct me if they feel I am wrong and I am always happy to post those comments.

************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

28/09/2020 15:47

Due to the water levels on the Macclesfield and Peak Forest Canals not improving over the weekend, both the Bosley and Marple flights will remain closed.

We appreciate this is very frustrating for our customers and we are sorry for the inconvenience this causes. Our teams are busy onsite feeding water to the affected area. We anticipate this will take a several days for to regain a navigable level.

An further update will be provided on Thursday 1st October.