Sunday, 30 August 2020

Short Heath

Very quiet last night, I have my doubts tonight will be so peaceful. I took some photos this morning ofDSCF4145 the canal to show how clear the water is here at Tipton, its like looking into an aquarium watching all the fish swimming about.DSCF4144We had to go to Tipton Junction to wind before returning past last nights mooring and on to Factory Junction where we turned left towards Wolverhampton. The amount of water coming through the roof of Coseley Tunnel was something else, just like a waterfall in one spot.
I can report that the C&RT towpath barricades are still standing, the C&RT guy we saw painting lastDSCF4146 time we passed was only painting the edges and joints, I guess its anti climb paint.
We moored at Wolverhampton for lunch and then I changed the engine oil and filter as well as the hydraulic filter before we winded at the services. Yet again a boater things the water point is a good place to moor, we only need to drop rubbish off and no it wasn’t the old oil and filter. Once winded we returned to Horseley Fields Junction and tuned left yet again for a second bash at the Wyrley and Essington canal. After a short time we passed the Urban Mooring DSCF4147project with the piece of waste land they have transformed.
Just after the junction we met a boater who warned us that a tree was down across the canal a little further along. The tree didn’t cause a problem but the big black throw round the prop did, I had to cut it off in bits. We passed under the mirror bridge, I DSCF4148don’t know if it actually carries anything or is just a “work of art” but its stainless steel and shaped so that you see your reflection as you pass under it.DSCF4152
There appears to be what looks like a lot of floating moss growing on the canal, we didn’t notice any when we came round here 3 weeks ago so its growing fast.DSCF4154We are into shopping trolley country now, there was on in the canal opposite where we are moored tonight, but to my surprise about half a dozen DSCF4153youngsters, around 14 years old actually pulled it out and left it on the side, I expect it will be in again in the morning.
I said earlier that I didn’t expect tonight’s mooring to be so quiet. The mooring is a gated mooring requiring a C&RT key on the off side, this didn’t stop a couple of kids come and look through the window. The mooring is right at the bottom of The United Kingdom Inn carpark/garden and they have a disco, burger van and kids amusements going on outside. I don’t think we will visit. First ting I did when we arrived was another weed hatch visit, this time it was a meter of earth wire sheathing, I guess someone else got the copper.

Today’s Journey 12.6 miles in 5 hours with no locks map28Map courtesy of Waterway Routes

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Nellie said...

Wolverhampton for lunch not Walsall! got a way to go yet!! ;-) The reflection bridge is a piece of art work. I love it. :-)