Tuesday, 4 August 2020

The Cuttle Inn. Minworth.

Last night was the best nights sleep for several nights, nice and cool with no pigeons outside the bedroom window at 4am onwards. Slight drizzle this morning before we set off. There were no plans to get away much before lunch time as a boat had gone up the flight yesterday afternoon so we would wait and hope someone came down. We didn’t wait long and it was just ten past ten when we set off into an empty bottom lock. They had only come from the pub but that’s a start. One of the bottom paddles is out on the bottom lock, its not taped up but has a nice bag over it.DSCF3864We stopped for water just before lock 9 but the water wouldn’t run cold, so we gave that a miss. As the day progressed we met more and more boats, mainly hire boats from Kate Boats in Warwick. We continued up the flight stopping for water at the water point just before lock 1.
As we approached Curdworth tunnel a tree has come down on the off side, it doesn't have any branches but the trunk is over half way across the canal, someone has put a white bag on the end to make it easier to see thankfully.DSCF3865 We cleared the tunnel without hitting the bulge at the end on the offside, this has nearly been worn away now with boats hitting it, unlike when I caught it 18 years ago. We have moored for the night at The Cuttle Inn where we plane to eat tonight, I hope its not a bad idea. I went in and book , the only time they could offer me was 4-30 or 8 pm. I hope its because they are well spaced out and not packed.

Today’s Journey 4.6 miles, 11 locks in 3.25 hours.map 02

Map courtesy of Waterways Routes

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