Saturday, 29 August 2020


ell the Indian delivery work well last night but I picked a bad tome to order and we had to wait over an hour and a half for it. It turned out there is no road access to the Bumble Hole visitor centre so we got the driver to ring me from the carpark at the back of the “Old Dry Dock” pub, now flats and I walked down to meet him. The food was nice and hot with a very generous portion size. The girl I spoke to was over the moon we were on a boat and chatted for ages. I would suggest if you do use them ring very early and book a time.

It was a quiet night with about 4 or 5 other boats moored in the area.This morning we set of about half ten, reversed back and went down the Dudley No.2 canal to Hawne Basin, about half way through Gosty Tunnel I spotted a light behind us as another boat came down to fill with diesel. We filled with diesel and had a pump out before retracing our steps to Windmill Junction, then reversed back to the water point. This is one of the few water points with a smaller threaded connection than standard,luckily I carry an adaptor.Whilst filling we managed to eat dinner and followed another boat into Netherton tunnel giving him a good lead. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as shortly after entering the tunnel I saw a dim light on the left. my immediate thought was the boat ahead had crossed with another boat coming towards us and I could now see his headlight, which didn’t seem to be moving, as I closed on the light I was convinced it was stationary and waiting for me to cross with them, as I got closer I realised it was the stern light of the boat ahead on the wrong side and hardly moving. We did the rest of the tunnel at ether tickover or fast tickover.
For some reason in the tunnel Memory Maps reset its self, I probably touched the screen somewhere in the dark. so up to leaving Netherton tunnel the distance and route is calculated.

When we exited the tunnel we looked for the rubbish disposal at Tividale as instructed by the C&RT sign at the Bumble Hole, but no sign of any bins. We carried on, the boat ahead tried to turn right at Dudley Port Junction but found a Black Prince boat across the Main Line just through the bridge so we turned left and up Factory Locks before turning left again to moor for the night at Tipton on John the Lock moorings.

Todays Journey 10 miles, 3 locks in 4.75 hours.map27Map courtesy of Waterway Routes

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