Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday 1 July 2012

Yesterday evening proved quite entertaining.  A small yacht powered by an equally small outboard and no rigging went upstream, the couple onboard were having a real row, shouting at each other, I half expected to have to do a man overboard exercise. A short while later they came back down, still at it hammer and tongs, just as they passed us she threw something overboard, this was followed by him throwing her shoes overboard. They carried on downstream still shouting at  each other, I couldn’t see how much more stuff ended up in the water as the river bends away.

Today we are half way through the year and its the 1st of July, a bit sunny but still lots of cloud about and the wind isn’t giving it much of a rest ether. We pushed off at 1045 turning back down stream, it was not long before we passed one of the shoes from last night resting in the reeds, then moored on the grounds of The Five Miles from Anywhere was the yacht from last night, it is probably only 500 Mts. from where we were moored and the shoes were discarded.

At The Five Miles from Anywhere we turned right, through the lock. The sign gives full details of its automatic nature a smallDSCF9215and  then back onto Reach Load where we had been a few days ago, after lest than half a mile we turned left into Wicken Fen. A boat moored on the visitor moorings near the entrance told us that the boats that had been there last night had just left but a canoe had just gone ahead. About half way up the Lode I spotted an Sea Otter following us and then just shortly afterwards the trip boat from the visitor centre coming down, luckily we were on one of the wider points so could pass OK. We moored at the very head of navigation and the Sea Otter moored right behind us. It turned out that he had been moored behind us in Gt.Barford last time we were out.

After mooring we walked into Wicken for Sunday Lunch at The Maids Head, this was not the cheapest Sunday lunch we havea smallDSCF2434 ever had but it was very good with a selection of fresh veg and home made bread.

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