Monday, 2 July 2012

Monday 2 July 2012

As the day went on the weather got better and by ten PM. it was still quite light with a large bright moon in a clear sky. When we took the dog out we were lucky enough to see deer on the meadow where earlier had been the horses and the sounds from different birds and animals was indescribable. 

This morning we woke to a dull day and by the time we took the dog out it had already started to rain. The Sea Otter that had been moored behind us had gone leaving us with the place to ourselves again.
We pushed off at half ten, winding and then heading back to Reach Lode. On the way we could see the Konik ponies grazing ina smallDSCF9233 the distance. They help to keep the grass and shrubs down the the best level for the wild flowers and insects to thrive in, they are helped in this task by the Highland Cattle, they were a bit more cooperative and posed for my right beside the Lodea smallDSCF9245.

Once back onto Reach Lode we turned right and headed for Upwell Lock, just prior to the lock on the lock landing is a water point, so we made use of that before continuing on through the lock. As Diana went to set the lock she found a chap fishing in the lock, but he soon departed as the top gate opened so that we could go down all of 4” onto the Cam. The small yacht that had provided the entertainment on Saturday night had departed and the Sea Otter was on the pub moorings connected to a shore supply. We carried on down the Cam until we joined the Gt Ouse again and had a short stop in Ely by the road bridge to visit Tesco and then headed to the Town moorings where we were planning to spend the night, however it was a full house, so while Diana went to have a new battery fitted to her watch, I made use of the services and hovered around until she returned. We set off again now in dry weather wondering where to spend the night, we pulled in at Adelaide Bridge but decided that the road would not give the quietest of night so then on for another hour to an EA mooring on the other side of the river so further from the traffic, however the grass was rather long and poor old Magic has a lot of problem with long grass these days. The only other option was the EA moorings down the Lark and that is where we are for the night, O and its raining steadily again, I did just get moored up before it set in.

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