Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tuesday 3 July 2012

We had about 3 mm of rain overnight and early this morning but only the lightest drizzle since. The mooring started cool but has since got quite warm. The mooring is almost under the high voltage power lines so a quick photo was take from a different angle.DSCF9267 We carried on up the Lark to Prickwillow where we moored for a time to screw up all the galley fittings that I removed last week to do the paper hanging and then wended to make our way back to the Gt Ouse. There were dozens of school kids at Prickwillow doing an outdoor study session. Some were drawing the bridge and estimating it height  while others were looking at the wildlife in the water with nets.a smallDSCF9261

Back on the Gt. Ouse we turned right and slowly made our way to Littleport where we have moored for the night.

It is very difficult to find waste disposal facilities here on the river and this is the result. This mooring can easily accommodate 4 Narrowboats or even more cruisers and probably half as many again on the other side of the river, but there is nowhere for boaters to officially dispose of their waste so this is what happens, a smallDSCF9271it builds up around litter bins. It is just the same in Ely its self with no official disposal points so you find bags of rubbish around the litter bins. I use to moan about the British Waterway rubbish points but it was bliss compared to here.

Tonight we will eat in The Swan which is just across the river a smallDSCF9272from us, I have already been to book a table after seeing how full other establishments have been mid week.

Since we have been here I have gone a bit more work on the dreaded rust with Kurust and sandpaper, if it stays dry it will get a slap of primer/undercoat a little later. Its too bad to try and attempt “invisible mending” its just a matter of damage limitation until I can convince myself that its worth doing again and next time the paint wont fall off.

Diana is hard at it repainting some of the woodwork on the inside,a smallDSCF9274 after redecorating the galley the paints are different shades so she is working her way down the boat. This is looking from the galley to the engine room passed the bathroom.

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