Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Another night of rain and that and the road traffic made sure we were awake this morning. Coats were required to take the dog out, but it was so warm you couldn’t wait to take them off.

To anyone from America reading this I have just noticed the date, 4th. July so have a good day everyone.

We left at 1020 this morning as soon as the rain stopped and from then on it continued to get warmer, an hour later we were turning right into Brandon Creek and another river with gin clear water.

Today has been a day of birds, at one time there were 4 Harriers in the sky, but I only managed to photograph 3 of them.a smallDSCF9292

The families of swallows are taking to the wing, there are still some in nests as I saw as we passed under the bridge by The Ship.a smallDSCF9278

A couple of Kingfishers were spotted and you can just see one in the leaves in this photo. He was sitting conveniently in the try but by the time I had the camera turned on and zoomed he was tucked away.DSCF9305

The other thing we saw were hawks taking insects above the river, the only other place I have witnessed this is on the Thames at Beale Park. I think they must be Hobbies but they were far to fast to photograph, but the highlight was to have a Crane jump out of the reads as I passed and fly round us,a smallDSCF9297 luckily I had the

a smallDSCF9298 camera on trying to photograph the Harriers at the time. I have never seen one before but understand they are breading on the Norfolk Broads which is not far from here.

In one of the fields of cows I just had to photo this little chap with some very interesting markings on his face,a smallDSCF9303 a little further on we saw this old lady with half a handlebar missing.a smallDSCF9304

Where the railway crosses Brandon Creek Network Rail or whatever name they go under now has installed new upstream fendering with a choice of which arch you use, I thought it would have been more sense for the arrow just to point to the right.a smallDSCF9308 

We were going to moor on the GOBA moorings after turning at Brandon Lock, but as we passed the moorings at 2 pm and it was 4 pm before we arrived at Brandon we had a change of plan and moored at Brandon for the night behind a cruiser called Pollyanna.

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