Sunday, 22 September 2013

LHRT Day Huddlesford 20-21 September 2013

The weather was very good to us this weekend, bit of a cloudy start on Saturday but them warm sun shine with very little wind. We were moored on the aqueduct to the North of the site and boats were moored from here to bridge 80 in the south, just on a mile.

I had a new leather belt made by the same man that makes and sells the home made chocolate from his little push butty. The butty is only for the chocolate, every thing else is done on the motor.DSCF3668

  We also topped up our cheese supply from the Cheese boat. Black Bomber is my favourite as its a bit on the warm side, but today we bought a pickle onion, ginger and brie type cheese.DSCF3664 The entertainment on Saturday night was by a very young band, I would think they were all in their teens called “Wildfire Folk” There were 13 of them on stage and the energy was out of this world. To go with the entertainment the boat club laid on a two course hot of lasagne and apple pie all for £12 a head.

The show also hosted a very large vintage car rally and I have never seen so many vintage cars in one place before, English and American. Sports cars and salons. even a kit car.DSCF3663  The MG club were there in force on the Sunday arriving in quite a large convoy.DSCF3661

Part of the official entertainment for the weekend was demonstrations by a dog agility club, but some of the unofficial DSCF3665entertainment was provided by 4 Narrowboats meeting under the footbridge by the junction, two of them crewed by young ladies, but they all sorted themselves out OK, well the route was quite challenging for experienced boaters with working boats moored both sides of the cut.  DSCF3672 DSCF3669

On of the down sides to our week end was the mooring spot we were in, the boat behind started his engine ay 7-15 on Saturday morning and then Saturday night ran it until after 11pm. he had a lie in on Sunday and started at 7-45 am. but that is our only grumble over the weekend.

The organisation was wonderful, the members involved worked their socks off. Attendance was well over what was expected and on Saturday evening they had to go out for more rolls for the burgers on Sunday. The ladies went in their full boat costumes including bonnets and were asked if they were some new religious sect. The beer was cheap and the welcome in the Litchfield Cruising Club very warm and friendly.

For Sunday lunch we went to The Plough just across the cut from the club. They only do Roast on Sundays and it is essential to book, we booked Saturday mooring and the earliest we could get was 2pm. again there due beer at a very reasonable price compared to what we have got use to over the past couple of years. 

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Secretary said...

So glad you enjoyed your visit. Whilst the Lichfield Cruising Club can't claim credit for all the items you mention (Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust did much of the booking of entertainments), it's still good to hear you appreciated the event weekend as a whole.
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