Monday, 19 September 2016

Market Drayton Monday 19 September 2016

Anther quiet mooring and as a bonus Diana found a Damson tree, so we now have Damson Gin on the go, as well as Damsons for dinner.
After the lovely sun yesterday we had a bit of rain overnight but dry all day today but cooler than of late, a fleece was required.

This morning we set off about 9-30 but our first port of call was not far away, Norbury Wharf to fill with diesel, we took on 100 ltDSCF5993 at 59p so are now full again. It took us a bit of time as their day boat was moored by one of the diesel pumps and they were just instructing the hires, they did offer to run the diesel hose over their trip boat, but I said I was happy to wait. From what I could see the hires got some good instruction, probably about half an hour in all.
Once full I had to turn to carry on to the north, I found this slightly stressful as I was being watched by Mr Hollingsworth who has probably forgotten more about boating than I will ever know. While I was doing this Diana collected a few more Damsons to top the bottle up.

Anyone travelling this canal has to include a photograph of the telegraph post in the bridge hole at High Bridge. DSCF5997 It must be the most photographed telegraph post in the country. I wonder when it last carried any wires?

Not far from here on the off side, deep in the woods there is this old car under a shelter, I have no idea if it is roadworthy or not.DSCF5999

Moored by the Anchor Pub, apart from the wreck that was moored there last time we passed, over a year ago on the 48 hour moorings is the Mikron Theatre boat, Tyseley. We haven’t managed to see them for a couple of years now.DSCF6002

A little further up the canal  is a place called Knighton, Cadburys use to have a wharf here as they did in many other places to process the local milk and chocolate chip and then tranship it to Bourneville to make chocolate. DSCF6006 modified  

Just before bridge 51 we spotted a big bush of Sloes on the offside, the first we have seen, so if Nb Chance are reading this blog, that is what I was trying to do when you came passed. at bridge 51 the farm was kindly giving away their excess apples so we got a couple of them as well.DSCF6012

The towpath through Woodseavese cutting  is closed again, this time due to a tree falling down the embankment, across the tow path and into the canal, its quite big and we bounced on it when we passed.DSCF6016

At Tyrely Locks there was a Volocky on duty, as we approached a boat was just coming up in the lock which was handy. A bike came along the towpath and the Volocky asked the rider if there were any more boats coming up and the reply was loads, it turned out the cyclist didn’t know one end of a boat from the other and only one was coming up, the rest going down. The next boat coming up spotted we were coming down the top lock and didn’t turn the second, so this made the next two ready for us. The Volocky set the fourth and Diana the last one so not a bad run. It was good to get a gentle reminder of what the by-washers are like on the Shroppie canals.

At the bottom of the flight this cheery chap and his friend where waiting to greet us, I had forgotten about them as well.DSCF6019 We carried on to the 48 hour visitor moorings just before Market Drayton where we have moored for the night. As I type this Diana is pricking the sloes and adding them to the Gin. We try to keep it for 2 years before drinking it if we can.

Today’s Journey  map 55 10¾ miles, 5 locks in 4¾ hours


Sue said...

Vic says that is a 1930's Daimler. That belongs to Trevor Council and he also has a very old landrover which was probaly a little further along. Vic asked him if it was a bently but he confirmed it was a Daimler.

Trevor is a brilliant sign writer and he did, in fact, do the sign writing on No Problem.

nb Chance said...

Sorry we didn't stop and say Hi yesterday, I read the blogs so James didn't recognise you,and I was inside. I did see you reversing down the cut though we wondered what you were doing? Have a good trip. Doug & James