Friday, 23 September 2016

Marston Friday 23 September 2016

A short cruise today and a good drive.
We departed our mooring by the flash just before 9 am and headed back to the marina in readiness for Enterprise Car Hire to pick us up at 10 am. and I am pleased to say they were spot on time. Back to the Northwich base to do the paperwork and we were off back to Kings Bromley Marina to pick up our car. I am pleased to say it started straight a way after sitting there for 9 weeks slowly draining the battery. We handed in our fob that opens the marina gate to get our deposit back, thanked the staff and said goodbye.

Diana drove our car as I had to drive the hire car back to Northwich where we returned it to get out deposit back and then we headed back to the boat. The best thing about Enterprise in my opinion is that they will peck you up and drop you off at no charge. It would probably have cost me £10 for a taxi had I used any other car hire firm. The total cost including the £10 damage waver was £33.68 plus 10 lts of petrol.

We decided not to stay in the marina overnight so at 4-30 pm we were on our way out, I just stuck my nose out to turn left when I saw a wide beam boat approaching so held back in the entrance, when he finally arrived as he was travelling very slowly he didn’t pass but with no indication started to turn in the mouth of the marina where I was sitting, it was a good job we were going left or he would have completely blocked us, all without a word. I slipped out when he was half way round and looking back he was following us very slowly crabbing along the canal with a motor and butty following him.DSCF6076

By now the weather had warmed up again and it was quite pleasant cruising along. We decided to stop outside the Lion Salt Museum at Marston and go to The Salt Barge for dinner.


Today’s Journey  map 59 3½ miles in 1½ hours by boat and 120 Miles in about 3½ hours by car.

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