Monday, 12 September 2016

Radford Semele Monday 12 September 2016

Before we set off ourselves this morning we helped to work 6 boats up the 8 Stockton Locks so it made us a bit late getting away, in fact we were the last to leave.

It was 1130 before we finally set off. The first job was to refill the water tank as there had been 3 of us onboard for the weekend. The water tap was exactly opposite from where we were moored and  when I untied the ropes the wind had picked up again and blow us sideways across the canal, very handy, but it wasn’t so handy when I had to reverse a couple of hundred yards down the canal to turn round.

As I turned round a boat was just coming up shop lock, the left the gate for us and held back out of the way while I completed the turn, again helped by the wind. We locked down alone and as we approached Itchington Bottom Lock the ex working pair Nutfield and Raymond were just leaving, unfortunately I misjudged how fast they would be coming out and crowded them a bit, but we didn’t touch, I expected them to leave faster. DSCF5845So if any of you are reading this I am sorry.

We worked alone down the Bascote staircase and locks and caught up with another boat who was waiting just above Welsh Road Locks and spent the rest of the day with them. We both carried on to Radford Semele to moor for the night, Just before we reached Radford Semele we passed this field on the off side that for some reason has had a pattern mown into it.DSCF5849 I bet it looks really good from the air.

The other boat moored just past Radford Bottom Lock where as we continued on to more open country and first moored just past the weir, but as we felt it was a bit noisy we moved on to about half way to Radford Road Bridge.

Once moored I applied yet more Kurust to the rusty spots on the roof and then did an oil/ filter change followed by topping up the domestic batteries.

Today’s Journey  map 49 5½ miles 12 Locks in 3¾ hours.

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