Monday, 3 July 2017

Anderton Monday 3 July 2017

We didn't set off until nearly 1030hrs. This was to time our arrival at Saltersford Tunnel where the passage time is between the half hour and ten to the next hour. We arrived just as the boat ahead had entered the tunnel, so spot on. This tunnel is mainly lined withDSCF8456 concrete render and is far from straight so at times there is no light at the end, but the first few yard are brick and covered in spiders webs.DSCF8453

Once clear of the tunnel its only a short run to Barnton Tunnel, this one is just one way working and you go when the tunnel is clear, but from the end again because of the wiggles its almost impossible to see the far end, so two boats could enter at once and one would have to give way, but the timing for that would have to be spot on so unlikely to happen much. Both portals are on a bend so you don't even get a straight look in until you have your bows in the mouth. This tunnel is plain brick throughout.DSCF8458 Both tunnels have quite dry roofs which is nice. We are then on the stretch of canal that runs close to the River Weaver, and just on the far bank they have almost finished demolishing the old Soda Works.DSCF8462

We stopped just before Anderton Lift and I went into the office to see if there was any chance of a passage down to the River Weaver today, I wasn't expecting one as the lift broke down over the weekend so there would probably be a back log. However things were not that bad and we can get down in the morning.

As it was only just passed midday we decided not to moor but to continue on to almost Wincham, wind and come back to spend the night. What we didn't expect but didn't bother us was the length of queue waiting to use the facility block at Anderton. One of the boats was old friends that we haven't seen for years on Derwent6.

We we returned the queue had gone but there were still boats using the services. Derwent6 was moored just before the lift but no sign of life, we continued on to moor outside the Stanley Arms on their private moorings for the night. This means that tomorrow will start with a bit of "backwards" to get to the lift.

Today's Journey map 1511miles and 2 tunnels in 4¼ hrs.

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