Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Sutton Locks Tuesday 4 July 2017

Last night we ate in The Stanley Arms, well we were on their private mooring. I must say their pies are good with thick cut chips and not just 6 of them. Their home made Lasagne was stuffed full of meat and was also a good size portion.

This morning I set off just after 0900 hrs backwards towards the Anderton lift, needles to say just as I got to the bridge a boat came the other way. There were two boats waiting on the moorings to go down, I assumed on the 1000 hr run, but only one went into the lift, the other one was going down with us at 1045 hrs and the other 1000 hr one didn't show up so a space wasted.

We were soon on our way down, there was no one coming up in the other caisson, both seemed to be working fine now. At the bottom we turned right, down stream. The old Soda works is still being cleared away with buildings further back being demolished now.DSCF8472

I spotted this what I assume to be a mile post on the bank, I don't know if they date back to the navigation or were put in for the Weaver Way walk.DSCF8478

The navigation had concrete signs to warn boaters when they were 200 yards from a bridge or lock. This one is downstream of the removed Pickerings Bridge at Pickerings Cut. The one upstream is in much better condition.DSCF8484

I rang the lock keeper at Saltersford Lock and he said the lock was ready but he may be a few minutes before he got there to open the gates. He was walking over as we arrived and when we left he rang Dutton lock to tell them we were on our way. DSCF8480As we passed Acton swing bridge a cruiser pulled out and followed us through Dutton Lock.

We stopped for lunch at Devil's Garden before continuing to the end of the river where the Runcorn canal use to come in.

There was a boat ahead of us who was hoping to go into the end basin, but this is no longer possible as its now an Eddy Stobard base, he nearly did go in as his engine stalled when he went into reverse while approaching the low bridge that shuts off the end.

We both winded in the entrance to the old Runcorn and Western CanalDSCF8485 and made our way back past the Mexichem chemical works. I did wonder what this discharge into the river was as we passed.DSCF8488

Also on this site is the Rocksavage Power Station which is a gas fire Power Station that is capable of producing 800 Mw and nearly half of that is used by the adjoining chemical works.DSCF8489

We made our way back under the M56 where just beside the river WS Transport had a tent big enough to work on 7 lorries complete with trailers.DSCF8490 Just ahead of us was the railway bridge and beyond that Sutton Swing bridge.DSCF8494

We carried on a little further mooring in the mouth of the weir stream on the non path side. We have the bows quite close to the bank and the stern a little further out. Since we have been here the local rowing club and canoe club have been by in force.

Today's Journey map 1616.7 miles, 2 locks, 1 lift in 6 hours.

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