Friday, 7 July 2017

Broken Cross Friday 7 July 2017

Last night we were moored in the social centre of Winsford. There must have been 20 young people sitting around at the peak of the coming and going but we heard very little from them and they finally drifted away as it got dark. We didn't get the storm so we did have our BBQ in the dry.

We set off this morning at 1000hrs heading down stream and did manage to catch sight of a Kingfisher. I think they are probably well hidden this time of the year.DSCF8538

As we passed The Union Salt works I noticed that this building was right fall of salt, its always been empty when we have passed before.DSCF8540

I rang Vale Royal locks as I passed the Vale Royal visitor moorings to tell him we were coming, slight delay as they were waiting for a boat coming upstream so could we please wait on the floating pontoon, which we did and then walked to the lock to watch the boat coming upstream.

Once through the lock we were on our way towards Hunts Lock, passing these ducks on the way, I think its a female Mandarin Duck with 2 youngsters. DSCF8544

On the bank at one of the yards sits an old tug. I don't know how large the engine is in it but the cooling consisted of 4 pipes about 8 to 10 foot long, it must be a much more efficient method of cooling than a skin tank like most Narrowboats are fitted with.DSCF8545

A train was crossing the viaduct below Hunts lock as we arrived, the lock wasn't quite ready for us, its all manual handle winding to operate them so takes a little time.DSCF8546

Then through Northwich where they have just installed a new flood defence wall, the top 3 feet of which is glass, this panel has already been broken, I wonder how long the rest will last.DSCF8548

Down to Anderton lift, we arrived a few minutes to 12 and I nipped straight up to the office to try and book a transit up, but the office was unpersoned. I waited about 10 minutes and a CRT man came in through the same door as I had and asked if I was being attended to, when I said no he went into the office and came to the wicket to sort my booking. Would 1250 today be any good he said, which more than pleased me. so back to the holding area and wait our turn coming up on the very next passage.

Once back on the T&M we headed back towards our mooring stopping very briefly at the services to dump some rubbish. We didn't go all the way to the moorings but stopped for the night just passed The Old Broken Cross pub. Shortly after mooring a boat came by and pulled the mooring stake of the boat ahead, so out came the magnets and I helped him fish for it, we ended up with three stakes, one of which was his lost one.

Today's Journey Map 1911 Miles, 1 Lift, 2 locks in 4¾ hrs. Tomorrow we will be home.

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