Saturday, 1 July 2017

Norton Priory Saturday July 1st 2017

It was amazing how quiet our moorings were this morning, being right against the pavement and road I expected people to be about early but didn't hear anyone between half midnight last night and eight this morning.

We set off at about 1030hrs after posting a letter in sunshine. it even got warmer as the day went on and no rain what so ever.DSCF8413 We met quite a few boats including several day boats and a charity trip boat.

Once this fella got fed up with moving down the tow path ahead of us he took a higher vantage point to watch us pass.DSCF8398

As we plodded on the day got warmer, maybe summer isn't over yet. It was sometime before I could see the chap steering this boat as he looked round the outside on an outside bend, well he couldn't look over the top.DSCF8404

Soon Fiddlers Ferry power station came into view, I couldn't see any heat rising from anywhere so I guess it is shutdown at the moment.DSCF8407

The other landmark along here is the science park at Daresbury, I have always thought that this tower looks very sinister, all grey and concrete.DSCF8410

I was hoping that a train may come by because I wanted to see how soon before the train arrived these birds took to the wing as they are all sat on the overhead catenary wire.DSCF8412

We turned right waters Meeting and headed down the Runcorn Arm as far as Green Bridge where we moored to visit Norton Priory walled Garden, we visited the Priory in February but the gardens were closed so we made that visit today. On our way down here we passed Water Womble who cleans up the canal. DSCF8414We also passed this sad sight, I think this boat went down a few weeks ago and was subject of a conversation on Facebook.DSCF8416

Today's Journey 11.8 miles in 3 hrs 40 min.

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