Monday, 26 February 2018

Anderton Monday 26 Feb 2018

10 o'clock this morning and the temperature had actually started dropping so we decided to stay put for a while. I was very surprised that the canal wasn't frozen over as it was freezing before we went to bed last night.

By twenty past eleven the sun was out so we made a move, very little wind and the first flurry of snow. We had just moved off an a boat came behind us through the bridge. The were well crewed up and they walked forward to lend a hand at Wardle Lock. Diana was there first and found the bottom paddle up, The safety Pawl is very stiff and she had to thump it to release it, I have oiled it which has helped but it still doesn't drop by its self so I have reported it with other faults to CRT. The other crew closed up for us so we made our way to the Middlewich Locks where we made good progress and were able to back set for the following boat. The bottom lock has a tooth broken from the gate paddle, so a bit of care is needed there as well. DSCF0281Big Lock was empty with a bottom paddle two clicks up and by the time we had it ready and the gates open the other boat had caught us up.

After the lock we encounter several patches of ice, but someone had been through before us so it was all broken well it was until we passed the Salt barge and then we were breaking it.

As we passed through the Salt Works the cold weather was giving a good vapour cloud crossing the canal. DSCF0284

We carried on in the sunshine stopping at Anderton Services to fill with water, in this weather it pays to keep the tank full as we could easily get stuck for a few days in ice. Talking of ice there was a nice little ice stalagmite under the water tap. DSCF0287Once full we went about another quarter of a mile to moor for the night by the Anderton Lift.

Today's Journeymap 10 10½ Miles, 5 Locks in 4¼ Hours

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