Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Chester Tuesday 20 February 2018

It was much warmer out last night but we did have a bit of rain, however this morning the sun was out but it was accompanied by a stiff breeze. I didn't really want to moor against the bank last night but at least you don't rock in the wind.DSCF0245

This morning the wind was hitting our bow and from the offside which made getting away interesting. Easy to reverse and get the stern out into deep water but the wind held the bows in the mud as soon as I engaged forward, it took several attempts to get the bow through the eye of the wind but as soon as it did go round just a bit we were away. We met a few boats and had a couple of locks with us stopping for water just past the Cheshire Cat, as we arrived at the water point a boat left, they must have come up Christleton Lock as that was with us. After that they were all against us until Hoole Lane lock.

I always like this view as you approach Chemistry Lock looking down on the water tower and shot tower, you see that and you know its Chester.DSCF0246

A couple of the locks down here still have the iron ladders set into the wingwalls of the locks where the boatman would have gone up to set the lock, leaving the bows of the boat against the gates, noDSCF0248 lock landings for them. This one is at Chemistry Lock.

We have moored just before the winding hole and Cow Lane Bridge in Chester for the night, we will probably go down Northgate staircase locks tomorrow.
Its strange being moored here in Chester with a steady stream of pedestrians passing the boat only feet away, some almost touching the side, we normally moor where the only people passing are walking dogs, I expect I will get use to it.
Although its sunny the buildings make it quite a wind tunnel so there is a cool breeze hitting our front doors.

Today's Journey map 045 miles and 5 locks in 3 hours.

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Pip and Mick said...

Plenty of room in the basin below the staircase at the moment. Will probably see you sometime tomorrow. We might even pass in the staircase!
NB Oleanna