Saturday, 24 February 2018

Barbridge Saturday 24 February 2018

Well if wasn't anywhere near as cold last night so I was a bit surprised to see ice in the reed line at Golden Nook. I decided to measure just how long these moorings are and I made it 1.3 miles at tickover, thankfully Diana decided she wanted to steer.

As the day went on so it warmed up reaching a maximum of 8°C at one point. The locks were kind to us with them all being almost empty as we didn't meet any boats except a day boat that had just come out of the marina.

As we approached the Shady Oak pub there is a dragline in a field on the towpath side, I can't ever remember it moving. DSCF0267
Quite a few walkers about with their dogs, some of them heading to the pub. We carried on in the sunshine heading for Bunbury, the Anglo Welch Hire base there still has the old name painted on the gable end, its a pity these painted signs couldn't be listed just like buildings, they will all fade away soon.DSCF0269
Another blast from the past is the BWB notice board on the office wall with the location on the bottom, again fading away.DSCF0271

With the forecast cold weather we thought it advisable to stop at Calveley services and top the fresh water tank up, just in case we get stuck, It was here the first boat of the day came by.
Someone has spent a lot of money making a new access to the towpath by Wardle Farm bridge, I suspect it now has to be wheelchair friendly which makes it high speed bike friendly as well.DSCF0238
We decided to eat out so had a bit longer day and moored opposite the Barbridge Inn, as we approached we could see the CRT grass cutting team hard at work.DSCF0274

As this is a popular pub once moored Diana went in to book a table, not sure what the service will be like as we clash with a party, but then that's our choice, they told us before we booked.

Today's Journey map 0811½ Miles 6 Locks in 4 ¾ hours

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