Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Whatcroft Flash Tuesday 27 February 2018

The canal was Iced over before we went to bet last night so it was no surprise to see it covered in snow when we woke up this morning, The snow didn't last long in the sun but we needed to rethink our plans. We are not bothered if we get iced in for several days as we have food, water etc. but we do have appointments to keep on the 9 March. Our original plan was to travel along the Bridgewater canal, but if we do and then get stuck we could struggle to get back to the marina in time so we thought it better to stay closer to home. By lunch time the ice was rotting and the DSCF0288ducks were able to make holes in it. The boat we were travelling with yesterday left about 10 am heading for Runcorn, so if we had have gone that way there was I nice channel cut in the ice.

We finally set off at 1315 hrs. no boats had been passed so we broke ice down to the winding hole and the retraced our steps south. The thickest ice was just through the first bridge beforeDSCF0291 Anderton Services, where again we topped the water tank up. After the serviced the ice was patchy but unbroken and then we ran into continuous but rotten soft ice, it didn't even crack as you went through it.DSCF0292

The new plan was to stop at the Salt Museum for the night, but when we arrived we fond a boater had already left cutting a nice channel for us to follow in. The strange thing was when we reached the Tata Salt works the ice ended and we didn't see any more until we reached The Big Flash. Again the cold and steam from purifying the salt gave the chance of a nice photo.DSCF0296

Passing under the road bridge at Broken Cross I spotted this sign on the off side, its the third I have seen this week.DSCF0283

By the time we had moored on the flash it was turning colder again, but we soon had 2 pins in the bank and were inside in the warm. Looking out its still bright sunshine but to the east the almost full moon is high in the sky and the temperature is just above freezing.

Today's Journeymap 11 5¾ Miles in 2¼ hours

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DaveD said...

I believe the Cheshire Hike is a Scout activity where the Scouts have to navigate a course around the countryside. At various places these signs will be found and from what I understand is recorded by the Scouts to make sure they have followed the correct route while out of sight of the stewards. In sorting out the winner of the award(s) the correct observation signs gain points for a proportion of the scoring. This year's Hike is on 14-15 April.