Monday, 17 May 2021

Longwood Boat club

 Heavy rain yesterday and overnight but fine this morning, we were away  about 10am. the first stop being Tesco at Brownhills. While Diana was in the shop I was down the weed hatch where I removed what I think was a black dog poo bag along with the other general rubbish.

Once Diana was back it was only a few hundred meters to Catshill Junction where we left the Wyrley & Essington canal and went onto the Daw End Branch, both the canal well covered in a green plant growth.

The weather was holding well and it was warming nicely, we passed this steel cutout of an angler mounted on a tall pole which so far has kept it away from the  low life who love to destroy things.

It wasn't long before it started drizzling which then turned into a full downpour, no time to get a coat on, so just the umbrella to keep me dry and it does work well. The journey to the Longwood Boat Club ended in better weather. 

Todays Journey 8.2 miles in 3¾ hours with no locks.

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