Sunday, 11 July 2021

Home Moorings

 The pub was quite busy and noisy until about 9pm last night, after that there were just a few people sitting out enjoying a drink. I don't think I would want to be near a pub tonight.

This morning we pulled the boat back to the water point to fill up while we had breakfast and then at about twenty to ten  when the tank was full we fired up and moved off, Diana walking the bows round as we winded in the junction of the Birmingham and Fazeley canal. A steady uneventful run back to the marina but quite busy with boats coming and going up the Glascote locks continuously, once at the marina and I reversed in wonderfully, so the place must have been deserted with no one watching. Our biggest problem was leaving the marina, I couldn't open the sliding electric gate to get out. Its not the first I have had this problem, this time a very pregnant young lady rescued my opening the gate for me with her app.

Today's Journey 3.8 miles, 2 locks in 1¾ hours 
This was our total trip for the weekend.

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