Friday, 9 July 2021


 We came back to the boat today so that I could fit cooling water pump to the engine, last trip I noticed that the pulley wobbled and on closer examination you could see where water had been leaking from it. or the amount of play I expected a bigger leak. I set to refitting it straight after lunch, thankfully I left sufficient room between the front of the engine and the bulkhead to be able to remove and refit it, just.
It was  all back together by 3pm. filled with coolant and the engine run to check for leaks, it all looked good so out for a test run. Until now we had been enjoying warm sun shine but as soon as we left the marina it clouded over and was soon raining. We went as far as the winding hole Bradley Green, where it was really raining and needed the waterproofs on and then returned to Polesworth to moor for the night. Its the busiest we have seen the moorings here since pre lockdown one. 
As we brought minimum food with us as if I had have had problems with the pump then the engine would have been unavailable for battery recharging, so no fridge. The result of this was we had to suffer another tasty takeaway from Ratna.

 Today's Journey 7½ miles, no locks in 2½ hours

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