Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ansty to Flecknoe 24 May 09

We started in good time this morning and by 10 am we were winding in the mouth of the Coventry Canal Cruising Club to head back south. We met a few boats but things were much quieter than yesterday and there were even mooring places in Rugby.  There were a few boats leaving Rose Narrowboats as we arrived and this gave us quite a slow run to Newbold where they stopped.  When I say slow they went at a constant speed wether on the open cut, to slow, or passed moored boats, to fast. All the visitor moorings at Newbold were full today but several long term ones were empty. We arrived at Hillmorton Locks just as a boat was coming out and had empty locks all the way up.  Once at the top of the locks things for some reason started getting busy and we met lots of boats between here Braunston.
We went into Braunston Marina to do a pump out and then stopped at the Stop House to fill with water. The mooring Warden seemed to have a full time job telling boats they couldn't moor at the water point overnight.  The first vacant moorings were well along the puddle bank but as we were eating onboard we carried on towards Flecknoe.  I have never seen so many boats moored along this section of canal, There were boats almost nose to tail all the way along any piling until we past through bridge 102,  Here there were only a few boats so I pulled in a little after 8 pm. as looking forward along the canal to the straight section ahead all  I could see was moored boats.
The water level in this pound is down by over 4" this evening which is a bit worrying for this early in the year, we have noticed this week that most levels have been a bit low.

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