Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Welford to Foxton 19 May

We heard Tysely the Mikron boat go by at about 8 am and we set off a little after 9, winding at the end of the arm. BW were hard at work cleaning the stone edging with a yard broom. There is a rather smart wooden foot bridge over the canal that goes nowhere. It's a shame they can't move it to replace the rotten one over the marina entrance where it would do some good. We met several boats between Welford and the top of Foxton including Sue Day with a horse drawn boat. We stopped at the top of the flight for lunch and moved on to work the flight at about 1 30. Diana went down to speak with the lock keeper and we were told we could proceed when the next boat left the flight, it would be about 40 minuets as they were still in the bottom staircase. While we waited for our turn it poured down with rain for the sun to reaper just as the boat coming up reached the top lock. The sun stayed with us down the first flight where we had to wait again for a boat coming up and then the rain returned mixed with hail and accompanied with thunder. By the bottom of the flight it was back to drizzle. We turned right down the Market Harborough Arm and moored at 3 30 just beyond the swing bridge.

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