Thursday, 21 May 2009

Thursday 21 May Smeeton to Elkington Bridge 27

Yesterday afternoon turned in to a very pleasant evening and we took a walk to the top of the tunnel. We set off this morning at about half nine in bright sun, our first stop was Debdale Wharf where we filled with diesel at 50p lt plus the duty for traction. The next stop was the bottom of the Foxton flight where Diana went up to find the lock keeper, it is essential to book in with the lock keeper before starting up the flight, he in turn tells you where you are in the queue, we were right by the lock gates but still third in the queue. Diana bought ice creams while I helped the other two boats through the first lock before we followed them up. There were only two boats coming down, the first came down earlier and we met the second between the two flights where there is room for two boats to pass. Half way up it started to rain and this was the pattern for most of the day. We didn't meet any boats on the move today but there were a couple already moored up. We passed under the A14 road and moored at the next convenient vacant piece of bank just before bridge 27 at about 5 pm.

Now that I have a usable 3 signal you can see our latest position here

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