Sunday, 17 May 2009

Napton to Braunston 16 May 09 Saturday

We arrived at the boat yesterday evening and though about going for a Chines takeaway but by the time we had unloaded the car it was raining quite heavily and we decided that walking back down to the car in such weather was not a good idea. The rain continued most of the evening and into the night.

This morning things had improved with the sun trying to peek through although it didn't actually manage it until this afternoon. We set off about 10 am just as a boat was coming up the top lock and things continued in this vane all the way down the flight meeting a boat at every lock and leaving all the gates open as we left for the next boat. We did have a little drizzle on the way down requiring us to put coats on, it was very light  but accompanied by a stiff breeze. We met a couple of boats we knew between Wigrams Turn and Braunston stopping for a short chat with one of them.  We spotted our first family of swans today, mum, dad and 5 signets, we have also seen several families of ducks on the cut. There were quite a few mooring spaces in Braunston opposite The Mill House but we decided to push on to see if there was any space near the marina, we could always come back if it was full. Once in the centre of Braunston we couldn't find a space anywhere but we were in luck as one chap said he was about to leave and if we hung about we could moor there. As soon as he backed out we backed in, we had not been here long when NB Caxton came by and headed up the locks but I didn't recognise anyone on board. Later that evening we went to The Old Plough for a meal, it was a bit more expensive than we remembered but very good, Diana had Lasagna with salad and garlic bread where as I had Lamb hot pot with new potatoes and a bread roll. Bother were a good size portion, hot and tasted good. They also had 4 beers on, two Adnams, Black Sheep and the other I cant remember.

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