Saturday, 23 May 2009

Braunston to Ansty 23 May 09

First job this morning was to back up through the bridge, past the boat selling fenders and things to the water point to top up the tank. While we were there Roy who we spent a bit of time with on the BCN last year wandered past and stopped for a chat.
We finally set off at about 10 30 and headed up the North Oxford canal. There were a lot of boats about but we didn't meet any in awkward places so had a good run to Hillmorton.  One boat going into the near side lock and one leaving the off side lock closing the gates behind them even though there was a boat coming up.   The back pumps were running flat out putting an awkward current across the cut for boats trying to pull in to the near side lock moorings. As the boat was coming up in our lock another boat came behind us and got it completely wrong ending up on the offside.  I think they were a bit put out when I crossed in front of them to go into our lock.
It was very busy  all the way down the flight, but nothing compared to Rugby, there were boats going all ways and boats moored both sides all the way round the bend didn't help.  We plodded on slowly through until the road bridge where I held back for a boat coming through the bridge but he then had trouble getting round my stern as I couldn't go forward as another boat followed through the bridge.   We eventually sorted it to every ones satisfaction and then as we passed the boats moored along the straight, still with boats coming towards us the boat in front went aground, I had to stop and promptly slid across the cut in the way of the oncoming boat. O the joys of Bank Holiday boating.
Once passed rugby things quieten down again. I have never seen so many vacant visitor moorings at Newbold, it a shame we didn't want to stop. As we cleared the tunnel I was aware of a boat catching me up. We had to stop for a boat coming very slowly through the next bridge so I invited him to pass me. I thought he would have waited until the oncoming boat had gone, but I was wrong again so he passed me with a boat coming towards us.  About a mile later I caught up with a very slow boat and followed them at tick over all the way to Rose Narrowboats where they pulled in at the end of a weeks hire.
After this we had the cut to our selves mooring for the night at Ansty opposite The Rose and Castle where we have just been to eat. They serve food until quite late but if you want to eat around 7-8 ish then you need to book. I would recommend this place as they have a very varied menu and the mash potato I had with my Ostrich was real mash potato not out of a packet.

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