Wednesday, 14 March 2012

14 March 2012 Popes Corner

Well since I sent last nights blog we have had a hire boat moor behind us and a small fishing boat go by, so that was 3 yesterday and not 1 as stated. After dinner we wandered into the Ship for a pint and I must keep a good drop of Adnams, served not to cold.

This morning we set off at 10 AM on another dull and this time cold morning. Some of the older houses round these parts are built on peat and have suffered with subsidence as can be seen by their windowsills and lintels.DSCF7690

Not long after setting off we met the same boat that we have seen twice before this week and they are now moored on the next EA mooring from us.DSCF7691

The EA mark their gates on the bank tops in the same way as the Middle Level do by including their initials into the structure.DSCF7692


The EA are piling and spot dredging in several places around the Ely area and the second one we passed was being refuelled by floating bowser.DSCF7697 

I would still like to know who the E.B.S.S.C are and if the have the authority to ban Trolling and the powers to fine me £1000 if I do.DSCF7701

It was quite a bit colder and still no sign of the sun as we approached Ely.DSCF7702

We passed through Ely and the place was packed with fishermen all along the town moorings and even on the off side at the marina entrance, I don’t know if it was a match but its the last day of the season until next June.DSCF7704 

Just beyond Ely they look to be drilling bore holes just behind the flood bank, this is about 100 Mts. back from the river beyond the flood plane.DSCF7707 Just as we passed what looked like compressed air started coming out followed by a large gush of water, I think it was expected as the chaps stood well back all the time.

On the Little Thetford EA visitor moorings a boat has sunk wit just the top bit of its cabin above water.DSCF7708

By now the sky was starting to clear a bit and as we arrived at Popes Corner the first thing we noticed is that the old pub,  The Fish and Duck has been demolished and the whole site tidied up. We spotted our friends moored on the corner so we pulled along side for a cup of tea and a warm beside their fire. It was handy seeing them as Terry was about to go to Ely Tesco’s in the car and invited Diana along to do a bit of shopping. We carried on on the Old West to just beyond the railway bridge to the EA moorings, there is just enough room to wind a 58ft. boat here, so we turned and moored for the night, Diana walking back to join Terry on a shopping expedition to Ely.

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