Thursday, 15 March 2012

15 March 2012 Cambridge

The day started very foggy and we couldn’t even see the other side of the river. We finally set of from this pleasant mooring at 11 am when the sun was out and the day quite spring like.03

As we reached Popes Corner to turn down the Cam, Terry shouted out of his boat, he had been up early, driven to Sudbury to supervise the gas being laid on and was now back on the boat. After a bit of chat we headed off up the Cam. There were some quite interesting boats moored up here.11 I am not sure how he got under the bridge about 500 yards behind him. As we approached the Five Miles from Nowhere where Roger jumped out and insisted we stopped for a couple of beers. We sat in the garden and enjoyed some local   beer from a Brandon brewery called Royal Ginger. We finally set off again and had to negotiate a couple of Poplar trees that were half way across the river.13

As we came into Cambridge we saw this fine old boat Jester from Lowestoft that had seen better days.14



A little further on we met a combined rubbish collecting vessel/dredger steaming down the river, by the way the driver was dressed he thought it warmer than I did,17 

We were surprised the number of mooring spaces along the Common, I expected it to be end to end boats , but there were several spaces. After speaking to Amy we now know that the number of moorings let nowhere equals the length of bank so that the public always has access to the river from the common. We weren’t sure if it was OK to moor here so we carried on and spotted a place right outside the The Fort St George with a notice saying it was a visitor mooring, so we slipped in and drove in the stakes. By now it was 5 pm. but we had not been boating all day only about 4 hrs..


Anne / Olly said...

Have they started the insane charges yet to cruise the Cam or is that from next month?

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Next month unless you have a Gold Licence then its next year