Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday 10 March, First day of a new trip

We set off from Floods Ferry i bright sunshine at 2.15 heading towards Salters Lode and the Ouse. We did a few calculations and decided that we wouldn’t be able to make Upwell this evening so we have pulled in at March for the night. Its only just over an hour from our moorings but it would have been gone 6 before we got to Upwell.

We dropped of a set of photos to nb Jayar that we took of him when there was a tree across the cut at Outwell and we went through both Salters and Denver on the level.

While in March we visited Lidl and I bought some spectacle cleaning cloths as recommended by Maffi. I had bit of a problem finding them but they are with the cleaning products and made by W5. The price £1-59 for 50.

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