Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday 20 Aug 2012 The Ship

Last nights informal mooring was very good, this use to be an EA mooring but the moorings were removed and it was re-piled a a smallDSCF9609couple of years back, there is about 200 foot of hard edging now with a good depth of water.

We left at about 10 am and made our way back to the Gt Ouse where we turned right. The next port of call was the waterpoint at Littleport where we topped the tank up before heading on to The Ship  at the junction with Brandon Creek. The day has been mostly overcast and this morning the humidity was quite high, but as we sit outside The Ship  we can hear the harvest going on once again.
As we made our way downstream this chap seemed to be flying in very large circles and we saw him a couple of times.a smallDSCF9616  lines, this is

Again the starlings were out in force sitting on the power lines this is only place we have seen them so there must be something attracting them.a smallDSCF9620

We plan to eat in The Ship tonight with Andrew and Wendy  who arrived at about 4 pm from the Wissey. The only thing is the Landlord leaves on Friday and they are running very low on food stuff after having a cracking weekend, so we will see how we get on.

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