Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday 21 Aug 2012 Wissey

We were away at about 9-30 am down Brandon Creek to say goodbye to Andrew and Wendy who had go to get diesel.
We arrived at Little Ouse Moorings just as they were leaving, http://www.littleousemoorings.co.uk/  heading upstream to find somewhere to turn. We dropped into their spot at the diesel point and took on the best part of 100 Lts at 94p/Lt.  We also headed upstream so were able to say our goodbyes mid stream.

We plan to go through Denver Sluice and Salters Lode tomorrow so today is bit of a messing around day. We continued upstream for a couple of miles stopping to chat with some friends who have just taken a mooring on the way and finally winded by a derelict farm house.

On our way back we met Narrowboat Yarwood and received a salute from Joe as he dipped his exhaust as we passed. There was rather an interesting boat moored just upstream from The Ship which I think is an old British Waterways boat.a smallDSCF9623 My thoughts

a smallDSCF9626is that it was once a hotel boat.

Once back on the Gt Ouse we carried on down stream as far as the River Wissey where we turned right and headed upstream as far as Hilgay. Just before we reached the town we spotted thesea smallDSCF9630 three EA boats weed clearing, one of them is a weed cutter anda smallDSCF9628 the other two clear up the spoil and put it in the banks. They have quite a turn of speed and are very manoeuvrable being able literally to spin on the spot. After going under the old town bridge and just passed the visitor moorings we were able to turn to head back downstream to the very good GOBA moorings for the night. This leaves us in easy reach of Denver Sluice tomorrow morning.

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