Monday, 27 August 2012

Monday 27 Aug 2012 Whittlesey

After a somewhat shaky start to the trip we are afloat again. We almost reached Norwich when I remembered some important documentation that I needed so we had to go back home, then in March instead of turning into the retail park to fill with diesel I turned into the road that lead to the pub car park.

We had the boat loaded and were ready to go at 4 pm but I had to wait for three boats to pass before backing out of the moorings, well it is bank holiday weekend.
We set of on a dry but breezy afternoon, however at 5 pm that changed when the wind dropped and the rain started, it was to continue until just before we moored up at quarter to seven. It rained hardest as we were working up Ashline lock, after leaving the lock we went back to drain it as it should be left empty, we had almost finished when a Fox hire boat arrived below the lock so we opened the gats for them before leaving.
There were two boats already on the Whittlesey visitor moorings but the back one of the two invited us to moor alongside him. The following hire boat was not so lucky, as when he arrived at the moorings the boat ahead refused to show their faces and offer him the same hospitality.
By now there was a second Fox boat working up through the lock and they have done exactly what I would and stayed on the lock moorings all night.

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