Friday, 31 August 2012

Fri 31 Aug 2012 Wadenhoe Kings Head

Last night was again a very clear moon light night and the temperature dropped to 6°C early this morning.
We set off at 10 AM in bright sunshine with a chilly breeze and looking back down the arm where we were moored you can see all the boats that really move, we were down beyond the red one at the far right and there are still a couple after that.a smallDSCF9737

We stopped at Upper Barnwell lock to fill with water, while the tank was filling we took the opportunity to have a very hot shower, with the early finishes we have been doing the water has not been that hot in the mornings. Oundle Mill which stands right beside the lock is offering two for one meals on a Thursday night through August and September, they have their own moorings above and below the a smallDSCF9744lock.

Today we have had some lovely light blue sky’s with wispy cloudsa smallDSCF9750. I have included a photograph of this boat because its painted by the same chap that painted our boat, he used the same paints and did to two years before ours and their paint is still not falling off. I am sure they don’t get it in when it rains and snowsa smallDSCF9749.
Although it was not overly hot today these cows seamed to be enjoying a nice paddle in the river.a smallDSCF9759

I do wonder if anyone told the engineer that the top of the bridge and the approach ramp are meant to end at the same height, this bridge just below Wadenhoe needed a step fitting between the deck and the ramp so people could get over.a smallDSCF9761 cropped

At Wadenhoe Lock there was no need to open the top paddles or slackers as there was about 9” of water standing over the tops of the gates.a smallDSCF9763 This led to quite a hull shampoo while we were working up, it even smelt like fabric softener or detergent.a smallDSCF9764Just above the lock is the Kings head public house with lawns right down to the river, we have never been able to get a mooring here before, a smallDSCF2885but today there was only one boat there and he left just as we tied up. On the lawn of the pub is a water point, the notice above it says it a joint project by the EA and the water supply company but on the actual waterpoint it saysa smallDSCF9765 BW, I wonder if they will come and change it to CRT? I don’t think I wouldn’t use the length of hose provided that can be seen laying on the grass.

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