Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday 7 September 2012 Smeeton Aqueduct

Last nights meal in the Wharf was first class, I had a very nice Sheppard's Pie and Diana the fish washed down with a couple of pints of beer, they actually had 6 on the pumps all at £3-10 a pint but we only managed to try 3. The Wharf and the other pub in the village, The Elizabethan are both owned by the same people.

I am glad we didn’t moor at the very end of the arm last night as when we looked out this morning there was a tanker unloading the cesspit and it was smoky, noisy and smelly. We had to wait a bit before we could wind as a boat was on the water point filling and emptying tanks and a second had moved down and was across the winding hole opposite the dry dock. I could probably have got round with him there but it was easier just to wait, we still made the junction at 11 am. Back on the mainline it was off towards Foxton. Husbands Bosworth tunnel was dry and we didn’t meet anyone, we did manage to catch up to a boat that had left the moorings before us, however once out in the daylight he was off again. By now it was getting quite warm with a clear blue skya smallDSCF9899. One of the main tasks was to keep an eye out for nb. Kinver who was coming towards us. they were due to the top of Foxton at 11 but were running late, so cakes had to be handed over on the move and they were well worth the effort.

We arrived at the top of Foxton just as the volunteer lock keeper locked the boat ahead of us in, but Diana had to walk to the bottom to book us in, just follow the one ahead he said, so she walked back to the top and told the lock keeper and away we went. Its a pity CaRT can’t run to a pair of PRM Radios so that top and bottom lock keepers could talk to each other. a smallDSCF9904Part way down the flight a team were painting the lock beams, I guess they are volunteers, strange thing is they weren’t wearing lifejackets when normally people working by lock are these days!
It was a steady run down with on one following and no one waiting at the bottom.
Once down we turned left and met two boats from The London Narrow Boat Project who are based in Braunston, so I expect they are doing the Leicester ring. We continued as far as Smeeton Aqueduct where we have moored for the night. It is now 5 PM and is still very warm outside, the internet signal is rubbish, so you will get this when you get it.

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