Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday 10 September 2012

We set off about 1015 this morning, letting the boat moored in front get away a bit first, it wasn’t long before we were followed by the boat moored behind us with two Suffolk couples onboard.

You may remember a few years back a trailer fell through one of the bridges demolishing all one side of it, probably number 31 or 32, it was well over a year before it was rebuilt and within the brickwork they have included this concrete structurea smallDSCF9923.
A little further on just trough a bridge hole someone had “found” a motorcycle, its a pity they could not have completely removed it from the watera smallDSCF9924.
I spotted this boat with a notice on the back on our way north an I wonder if it excuses him from obeying the waterways bye laws on engine running timesa smallDSCF9925.

We pulled over under the A14 road crossing to clear the prop, there was nothing more than a few twigs around the shaft in front of the prop but removing them made quite a difference to our performance. This also allowed the boat following to pass us, I don’t  like being followed.

If you walk this section of towing path you need to take great care as the local Badgers have been very hard at work with a hole in the towing path as well as one just behind the piling and another in the bank.a smallDSCF9927 Also I note that they don’t put any “Defra Rash” (orange mesh) around their worksite unlike others who dig holes where the public may be present.

We stopped at Yelvertoft to fill with water, while  we were there I put the computer on charge and discovered its a BT Hotspot so was able to download  my emails. Once topped up with water we continued on to Crick and moored opposite the marina.

Boat wise today has been quite busy and we have met 20 boats in our 4 hour journey, we have also seen 4 that we know, Copperkins II, Lord Toulouse, Oakfield and Tia. The weather stayed dry for us, but rained shortly after we had moor up at about 3 pm. I have also noticed that the number of Swallows we have seen each day is getting less and less, just one small bunch of about half a dozen today, I don’t expect it will be long before its none.


Richard Smith said...

That motorbike was there when we passed - albeit with no yellow tape on.

Halfie said...

That's interesting - I blogged about a boat with a similar notice very recently!