Saturday, 1 September 2012

Saturday 1 Sep 2012 Blackthorn Lake Marina, Ringstead

Last night we ate in the Kings Head and to say they were busy would be an under statement, they had warned us when we booked that they had a wedding in the restaurant and a BBQ party for 35 on the lawn, but it made no difference to the food or service. We went in at 7 30, the time of our was booking and were shown straight to our table, our drinks order taken and these were delivered minutes later. We didn’t have a starter so expected to wait longer for the main course, but it was on the table by 7 50 pm. When we finished the plates were cleared promptly and the desserts were something else. Would I recommend this place, you bet I would.

At 7 am this morning a Narrowboat style wide beam came up the lock, this is the first boat that we have seen who has not bothered to close up and then draw the guillotine as requested by the EA. Later in the day a hire boat caught us up and questioned this practice as he had been following them. I am not sure that the reason given by the EA for leaving them open holds a smallDSCF9784water as the fish could just as easily swim out of the top gates. If you just leave the lock as is when you leave, boaters coming down would have the chance of finding the lock in their favour and you would reduce ware and tare on the mechanism by about 50% and also save electricity.
We set off at our normal 10 am. leaving the moorings empty, Ia smallDSCF9768 bet they wont be like that tomorrow morning and we have met several boats heading downstream today. Wadenhoe seams to have more than its fare share of Buzzards and Kites. at one time a smallDSCF9776I counted 7 in the air and on a couple of occasions they came ina smallDSCF9774 quite close. I am not sure what is trailing from this chap, it looks like a pair of jesses, but it could be a transmitter or evena smallDSCF9777 something in its talons. Of all the boats we have met today the majority were canoes from a company called Canoe 2 who offer one way trips, camping etc.a smallDSCF9781 We must have met about 20 of them today, We even saw 3 with dogs on boarda smallDSCF9780 who looked as if they were OK with the idea. Todays destination is Ringstead as we are having diner with friends at the Axe and Compass in the village. Moorings bankside in this area are not scarce, they are none existent so we have booked for the night in Blackthorn Lake Marina for £10 a night including electricity, Its the first time I have booked a night in a marina, its just a pity I don’t have a hookup lead to make use of the electricity.

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Jill and Graham said...

Do you guys not have a cooker or have you just forgotten how to use it? Jill xx