Saturday, 8 September 2012

Saturday 8 Sept 2012 Market Harborough

What a lovely mooring it is up here at Smeeton Aqueduct, I can see why some people spend all weekend here.
A bit of a late start today and we didn’t get away until 10-30 am. a short way down the canal to wind and then make our way back to Foxton. We only met a couple of day boats and a couple of Narrowboats. At Foxton there was no one waiting to go up and no sign of anyone having just come down. We headed off down the Market Harborough where we stopped for a chat with nb.Tia who use to be on the same mooring as us at Napton. We met a few boats leaving Market Harborough which was good as that would mean there would be free moorings. A little further down the arm a heard of cows were cooling down on a warm afternoon.a smallDSCF9906

We went into the basin to wind and stopped for a chat with  nb. First Fruit, we first met them down the Nene about 4 years ago when they had their old boat. We pulled out of the basin to moor for the night at about 3-30 pm. it wasn’t long after this that one of the day boats returned and dropped its passengers off at the bottom of a garden on the offside. They all sounded a bit merrya smallDSCF9909 and I am sure the boat stability certificate doesn’t cover people riding on the roof.

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