Thursday, 7 March 2013

Thursday 7 March 2013

We had a very quiet night on our home moorings, its a lovely spot and we will miss it when we move on next month.

This morning while Diana was topping up the water tank and loading the car I had the rocker cover off the engine to check the tappet clearance. This has to be done cold and I don’t like doing any maintenance while we are out, just in case anything goes wrong. Would you service your car on a motorway car park part way through a journey? Anyway 5 of the tappets were a bit slack and one inlet was a bit tight, I managed to adjust the tight one but I couldn’t move the others and I didn’t want to risk breaking anything.

We drove home first via Salters Lode to look at the state of the lock and were very pleased by what we found. Work was going on at quite a pace clearing the silt. They are using a bulldozer boat that pushes the silt out of the lock mouth down the channel where it is lifted out by a Back Hoe dredger.a smallDSCF1109

The Dozer boat winches its self forward pushing the silt by the use of a cable attached to the dredger arm. As you can see the tide is quite low by the wooden rails with a good depth of water. When they have finished here they will move upstream to Denver sluice and start clearing there.

After a good chat with Paul the lock keeper we headed of round to Denver Sluice, its only half a mile by boat but by road its five miles. After having lunch at Jenyns Arms we looked at the situation in front of Denver Sluice. They have started to move the spoil away from the last time they dredged to make room for the next lot. a smallDSCF1113 The silt build up is quite sever now with the entrance to the lock  is now completely blocked for anything other than small boat that can turn round the face of the sluicesa smallDSCF1110


Sue said...

Good grief!

There is a lot of work to be done at Denver. How long is that going to take to clear that!?

I have never seen it so bad..

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

They should have it open by Easter when we hope to cross to take up a mooring at Brandon Creek. The Salters end was very bad as well. See